NYC Recycling Law

This notice is to re-inform you that the NYC Dept. of Sanitation has notified all NYC businesses of the “Zero Waste Recycling law" last year. All businesses are required to separate certain types of recyclables and we urge you to comply with the following regulations:

  • Please do not mix food waste with your recyclables.

  • Be sure that you are putting residual free Plastic Bottles, Glass, Cans, Paper, Beverage cartons and Metals out for collection in clear plastic bags on assigned pick up days.

  • Cardboard Boxes must be flatten, bundled and tied up.

  • Black garbage bags are for Garbage Only.

To learn more about what to recycle and how to comply with these regulations, visit WWW.NYC.Gov, Call 311 or give Gaeta a call at 718-720-7220. The NYC Dept. of Sanitation will begin enforcing this law on August 1, 2017. Businesses that don’t comply will be subject to NYC Dept. of Sanitation Violation(s), which will include having to pay a fine.